Tuesday, April 7, 2009

May (2002)

May is a great example of why we should support the non-Hollywood movie makers. Original concepts that aren't just "outside the box", but were never "in the box" in the first place.
I love independent horror films. In Hollywood, you do not have to appreciate or even like horror to write a script and get it on the screen. They have formulas and rules to tell them what will and what won’t work. True fans of the genre haven’t been told what the rules are and what formulas they have to adhere to. They are just trying to make the type of movie that they would like to see in a theater. The good news about this is that the independent horror films are the ones that push the envelope. It’s not that they go outside the box but rather they never put themselves into one to begin with. The bad news is that they do not get wide theater releases so if you are not paying attention, the really good ones will go unnoticed. May is one such film.

May starts off as a very simplistic movie. About a girl, called May (if you hadnt guessed by then) who has grown up with social problems. Her best friend is a china doll named Susy who serves as a catalyst throughout the movie. Throughout the movie we realise that May has a talent for finding the best physical features about a person (e.g one person she befriends supposedly has beautiful hands). I wont ruin the movie for you because it really is better if you watch it not knowing the basic plot. The actual horror kicks in towards the last twenty minutes, but the film (and May) is quite twisted throughout the duration. It is probably the creepiest and most origanal film I have seen in a long time. The ending is so twisted that you may want to have a comedy prepared for after. Once again an indie movie (did you really think Hollywood would come up with something like this)
Angela Bettis gives an amazingly under apreciated performance as the lonely May.
Anna Faris (You may know her from the Scary Movie Series) also gives a strong performance as Mays lesbian co-worker. You really should check this out. Definatly a 9/10.


  1. Wow- this movie sounds great!
    I had a writing professor in college who would say that if you follow the rules of story telling, you will tell the same story over and over again.

  2. I really do recommend it. When I first watched it I thought it was a drama...but as I got drawn in I realised it was much sinister. The ending is soo weird. Lets just say "If you can't find a friend...make one"

  3. Heyy there Noah. So I stumbled upon your blog recently and I just wanted to say that you have really good taste in movies (May scared the hell out of me). Second, I noticed that you haven't posted in a while. So basically, you have a real way with words and I will definitely stay tuned if you start writing again. Anywayss. That's all for now!
    :) M Davidson