Thursday, April 9, 2009

Top 11 scariest scenes from a film

I thought this would be a fun thing to do. I had to look back on my fave horror movies to do this. So here it is. NOTE: This list does contain spoilers.
Feel free to add your own top 10.

11. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL- The opening credits had me hiding behind my hands in fear. The music sent chills down my spine. Then all went was i thought. Zac Efron appeared on screen trying so despratley to act...i couldnt stand it any longer...i burn my copy of it... lol

1o. CUJO- One of my favourite Stephen King book->movie adaption. It is hard to pinpoint the creepiest scene. Probably when Dona gets out of the car to make a run for the house.], only then realing that cujo was behind her. Shen then tries to stop the dog from attacking her by blocking it with the car door. Cujo then throws her onto the car seat and savagley attacks her. Dona gathers enough strenght to force cujo off of her and out of the car. All this happened while her 6 year old son watches in terror. What made this scene so scary was that it was realistic. This was a situation that almost anyone could have been in and it is just terrifying to think about.

9. MAY- The last scene was the winning scene of this flick. May had just finished sewing her new 'friend' together (made out of human parts). Realising her friend couldnt see her, she gouged out her left eye and placed it on her friends head. May then lies down beside the figure...dying. Then the most unexpected thing happened. Mays friend reaches out and hugs her while she dies with a smile on her face. This threw me into a range of emotions. Fear, confusion, shock, happiness, and 'what did i just watch' feeling. I will not forget this scene (film) ina long, long time.<---May adds the finishing touches to her 'friend'

8. SCREAM - My favourite slasher film. Possibly the scariest scene in slasher history was Drew Barrymores character being stalked and killed by the killer. Her performanc was so terrifyingly believable that I felt so bad just watching her being chocked while I couldnt do anything about it. The chase scene between the killer and her was INTENSE. Wow i never felt so sorry for a victim (except for Annie in Friday the that was just wrong). And the fact she was all alone in the house.....

7. AMITYVILLE HORROR Of course im talking about the origanal. The last scene where the family attempt to escape there hellish house was desperate. Watching the walls ooze blood causing the childern to slip down the stairs and the doors slaming against the door frame. The house goes into complete lockdown and the family (bar the dad because he trying to kill them....another fear factor) must escape through an unlocked window in the attic. They must then scale down the roof without slipping (since its in the middle of a storm). The father cathes up and attemps to kill them with an axe..but is drawn further away from the house, which released the effects it had on him. The whole family then jump into the car and leave their possessions. Talk about pressure!!! This ismy favourite escape scene of all time.

6. SAW 2- This scene was more disgusting than scary...but really hit me. This gal is dropped into a pit of syringes and has a limited amount of time to find a key in the pit. She dashes about frantically but unfortunatley fails. This scene is probably the most shocking for me in the whole series mainly because of my intense fear of syringes....uhuhuhh it makes me shiver thinking of it. And to be thrown into a pit of literally thrown into a pit of needles and forced to find a key. First off this girl had to deal with the pain. Then she had the pressure of finding a key for her group so that they will be able to survive. Dunno about you but if i were her, id grab a needle...slit my throat.

5. THE EVIL DEAD- One of the most unexpected scenes in any film. Its just plain disturbing. One of the girls takes a walk in the woods. All of a sudden the trees come to life and the vines and branches start to rape her....hes you read it right rape her. This scene was banned in around 30 countries including Ireland. Raped by makes you think twice before going for a walk through a forest.

4. THE SHINING - My favourite Stephen King book--> movie adaption. Of course the scene im refering to is probably one of the most infamous scenes in cinema history. Jack blows a hole in the bathroom door with his axe, where his wife is taking refuge from him with nothing but a kitchen knife. Jack then popps his head in the hole and says the famous lines "HERES JOHNNY!!".....classic. And the screams coming from his wife are haunting. I have nothing else to say really...the scene explains it all.

3. JAWS - Once again you have probably guessed the scene im talking about. Chrissie goes for a swim in the sea in the early morning. She swims far out beside a buoy. Suddenly something pulls her under. She resurfaces witha panicked look on her face. She is then dragged across the waters surface, being swayed backwards and forward, screaming, until she is pulled under. A scene that every man, woman and child is familiar with. This scene put nations of people off of swimming.

2. ALIEN - You probably thought I was refering to the famous chestbuster scene...well wrong. A scene that still chills me is Lamberts death scream. Lambert is preparing oxygn for their journey. While her back is turned we see the shadow off the alien drop down. We the cut to Ripley who is in the control room. Over the intercom she hears Lambert breathing heavily. Cut back to Lambert, she is staring in terror at something off screen. A tail (aliens tail) is seen making its way up her back. Cut back to Ripley running down the hallway trying to get to Lambert. We dont see anything happen to her but her sreaming over the intercom lets us know that she aint making it off the ship. Ripley gets to the boat and we see Lamberts naked legs dangling from something. There has been alot of spwculation as to what actually happened to haer and why she was naked. One theroy that i support was that the Alien annaly raped her. This makes her death even more horrifingly creepy. The noise Lambert make over the intercom is just so haunting.

1. THE EXORCIST - My all time favourite horror film. There are soo many scenes to choose from but the one that makes me hide behind my hands every time I see it is the infamous crusfix mastrabation scene. The person who wrote the book must have a sick mind for even thinking of something so vile. The terror begins when everything is nice and quite and all of a sudden we hear Regan screaming at something to "STOP IT" a deeper more shocking voice replies " DO IT YOU B***H" Regans mother, Chris, runs up stairs. She opens her daughters door to find that everything is flying around and being thrown att he window and walls. She then looks over at the bed in shock at watches her daughter mastrabate with a crusifix. " Here face and groin is coverd in blood and an unearthly voice coming from her mouth shouts "LET JESUS F**K YOU" Her mother runs to grab it off of her but her daughter somehow has the stenght to hold onto it and then slaps her mother to the floor. The maids run to help her but a chair springs to life and blocks them from entering. A massive wardrobe then starts moving towards Chris trying to crush her. SHe dodges it and looks back at her daughter. Regan then turns her head 180 degrees and shouts "YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID? YOUR CU****ING DAUGHTER".
Its scary becausr this was the ordeal that finally led Chris to believe that her daughter was possessed, even though she didnt believe in demons. The whole scene is just to much for me, since the girl is around my age and watching her do these things is out of character. Itsshocking also to make a young actress act this out. She didnt even know what she was doing. ANyway this is the most terrifying scene I have ever witnessed and I usually skip pass it.


  1. Great pics! On my list- I would probably add 'Hostel' and 'Teeth'--I almost threw up after both of those...and 'Hostel' was overwhelming to the senses--I had to go for a walk in the middle.
    Of course, the classic horror like 'The Shining and 'Exorcist are perfect too! OH!!! You MUST go watch the trailer for the movie '2012' coming out soon and then watch the trailer for 'The Shining' where the blood goes into the lobby---then see if u noticed what I did about what the 2 have in common! --let me know if u figure it out! -u can see both on!

  2. I found two similarities!!!
    First off the movie is called the shining when the blood comes out of the two elevators the arrows are pointing at 1 and 2...1+2=12.---->2012.
    Also the way the wave pours over the mountain is similar to the way the blood flows out. Did I guess right??
    Wait...the music is the exact same..

  3. HOLY CRAP....I only related the music. ...Impressive!! wow--u kinda just blew me away.
    I mean....bra-vo!!!

  4. the syringe thing in saw 2 keeps freaking me out--I haven't seen the movie--yet it's freaking me out anyways...hmm.

  5. Lol thanx....the music is amazing i neve payed attention until now..thanx again!!!
    Yea that scene is just sooo freaky and its the only trap in the whole series to make me is a link if you wanna see it

  6. yes, i agree. HSM is scary!!!

  7. How about Asian Horror movies...Im actually from Germany but i think those girls with creepy eyes...and black long hair...are the scariest of them all.. xD u should check movies like shutter...etc