Thursday, April 16, 2009

ROFL Steven King vs Stephanie Meyer

Ok so there has been alot of controversy involving the god of horror, Stephen King and the mormon trash Stephanie Meyer. Stephen "insulted" Stephanies writting skills and compared to J.K Rowling....cant right a darn.
Hilariously the Twilight fans are fighting back and accusing that King is jealous that he didnt think of twilight first, he has no idea what he is talking about and my personal fave, his books are too twisted for him to understand Twilight.
This is a ficticous reply from Stephen King...amazing!!!


  1. OMG- I'm dying laughing! That was great! I agree with all of it. It's really crap that people r saying he's jealous--If he was that kind of writer at this point, he would have trashed J.K. too. She's done WAAAY better than Meyer and if jealousy was gonna happen, it would have been with her.
    Most of the people(with a few exceptions) who love Twilight are not writers. They don't see the poor quality as fervently as writers do--they're just there for the love story. If this book wasn't an exotic and intense love story that people want to experience themselves, NOBODY would be defending it.

  2. thank you stephen king!! i totally agree, we i was in scotland people were making such a hoot over this retard coffee shop.