Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My top 100 horror films. (69-40)

69. From Beyond (1986, Directed by Stuart Gordon)

68. Poltergeist (1982, Directed by Tobe Hooper)

Quartermass Xperiment (1955) DVD Cover
The Quartermass Experiment Began the Hammer Horror Rein

67. The Quartermass Xperiment (1955, Directed by Val Guest)

66. Re-Animator (1985, Directed by Stuart Gordon)

65. Amityville Horrror (1979, Directed by Stuart Rosenberg)

64. Horror of Dracula (1958, Directed by Terrence Fisher)

Jacob's Ladder (1990) Freaky Face
This Chick from Jacob's Ladder is a Freak...

There are a couple of Hammer Horror entries to the 100 Top Horror Movies list here, The Quartermass Xperiment and Horror of Dracula, both of which helped to revitalize horror after Universal started to fade from memory. We are also seeing the original Amityville Horror, the one with Margot Kidder, please.

63. Jacobs' Ladder (1990, Directed by Adrian Lyne)

62. Tenebrae (1982, Written and Directed by Dario Argento)

61. Altered States (1980, Directed by Ken Russell)

60. The Invisible Man (1933, Directed by James Whale)

59. Dawn Of The Dead (2004, Directed by Zack Snyder)

The Host (2006) The Creature Chases People Across the Quad
The Host Creature will Ruin Your Picnic

58. The Host (2006, Directed by Joon-ho Bong)

57. The Omen (1976, Directed by Richard Donner)

56. The Legend of Hell House (1973, Directed by John Hough)

55. Phantasm (1979, Directed by Don Coscarelli)

This latest batch includes Classic, remake, mass-market studio, Korean and low-budget horror. This list of ther 100 Top Horror Movies crosses boundaries from slimy monsters running across the town square to technology meant to whipe the haunting from a house.

The Wicker Man (1973) The Burning Statue
In The Wicker Man, Chicks Rule

54. The Wicker Man (1973, Directed by Robin Hardy)

53. Feast (2005)

52. Saw 2 (2005, Written and Directed by James Wan)

51. Village of the Damned

50. Halloween 2 (1981, Directed by Rick Rosenthal)

49. Misery (1990, Directed by Rob Reiner)

48. The Mist (2007, Directed by Frank Darabont)

47. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003, Written and Directed by Ji-woon Kim)

Rosemary's Baby (1968) - The crib of evil.
"Its eyes! What have you done to its eyes!"

46. Rosmary's Baby (1968, Directed by Roman Polanski)

45. Cemetary Man (1985, Written and Directed by George A. Romero)

44. Day Of The Dead (1994, Directed by Michele Soavil)

43. High Tension (2005, Directed by Alexandre Aja)

The Top 50 Horror Movies is in full force with Misery (complete with hobbling), one of the newest Stephen King adaptations The Mist and J-Horror's A Tale of Two Sisters (English-language remake coming). Village of the Damned and Cemetary Man are more on the quirky side, High Tension is a psycho-ride and the classic Bride of Frankenstein sends Movie-Goers screaming in her day.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) The Bride with Ole Frank
The Bride HATES Blind Dates. I see why...

42. Bride of Frankenstein (1935, Directed by James Whale)

41. The Curse of Frankenstein (1957, Directed by Terence Fisher)

40. Ginger Snaps (2000, Directed by John Fawcett)


  1. that girl from Jacob's ladder looks like the one from 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'! Weird!!

    What did u think of 'THe Village' by M. Knight?!

  2. Wow i knew I recognised the girl from have a good eye.
    I actually liked The Village, where most people more or less hated it. I didnt see the big twist at the end and i thought it was a smart movie. You?

  3. The whole village movie scared me(I repeated myself in the comment on the descent-sorry).
    I suspected that twist they were really in modern times cuz the "clues" didn't hide it for me--like the more modern piano at the wedding. --Unless the twise u mean is that it was the crazy guy who was really was at fault. I really thought that was a real creature at the end in the woods---I was PETRIFIED by those creatures!

  4. The thing that scared me in that movie was the fact the lead character was blind. It made it a hella worse for me. The fact she couldn't see the monster/crazy guy (his name is in front of her made it really scary.
    To be honest I didnt pick up on any of the clues. The only twist i kinda figured out was that the monsters were fake...but I was still shocked when it was actually revealled.