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Saw 2 (2005)

Saw II is the first sequel in the franchise, and continues the saga of top-notch horror villain Jigsaw.
Saw 2 Movie Poster

Any one who has read my review of Saw knows that I really liked the movie but I gave a warning that, if not done correctly, sequels could easily screw up the franchise before it got started. I was so grateful to see that Saw II is a perfect follow up to the original. Infact this movie was probably better than the origanal.

Our journey begins with the awakening of a man who finds himself locked into a “death mask”. What is a “death mask” you ask? Think of a venus flytrap, add spikes, set it to shut on a timer, and place it around the neck. (Where does one get such wonderful toys?)

Saw 2 - Death MaskJigsaw, the villain from the original Saw, is at it again and informs his new lucky customer that the key to unlock and remove the death mask is to be found in his own eye (placed there through surgery) and all he has to do is cut it out before the mask shuts. Anyone want to take bets on whether he makes it in time?

Saw II then goes into story mode and we are introduced to Detective Eric Matthews (Donnie Whalberg) and his son Daniel (Erik Knudsen). Seems Daniel has ended up at the police dept. and his dad had to pick him up. An argument ensues, words are said that can’t be taken back and Daniel runs off. We then see Eric answering a phone call hoping that it is Daniel only to find out that it is Kerry (Dina Meyers), another detective that has been handling the Jigsaw case, wanting Eric to come to a crime scene (death mask guy has been found). Clues found at the scene lead the police to the location of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) himself.

As if it wasn’t fun already, Jigsaw has also kidnapped seven people and locked them in an old house at an undisclosed location.

Saw 2 - Jigsaw

There is a chemical being released into the air within the house that is eating them up. They will be dead within two hours unless they find the antidote that has been hidden sporadically throughout the house. One of the seven just happens to be young Daniel Matthews. While the hostages are playing Jigsaw’s game, he has a game for the police as well. The police are watching the events on closed circuit television trying to locate where the hostages are before their time runs out.

Saw 2 - Bent and Wahlburg

Saw II is a fantastic movie. It is like a roller coaster ride with no slow down. Bousman and Whannell (director and writers) did an excellent job on this sequel. There are more twists and turns than in the original so you may want to pay attention. The gore effects are top notch - No where near weak but not over the top either. (this is a good thing)

Saw 2 - Hand

I will now go on record as having a love/hate relationship with the Saw franchise. I love the films but I hate the fact that they got me again. I like to pride myself in figuring out the ending of a film. I had Sixth Sense pegged before the credits rolled. However, I was caught off guard with Saw and have now been caught off guard with Saw II. The bruise on my ego still hurts.

Saw 2 Needles
This entry into the series boasts the most creative and grusome traps ever in a movie. The most memorabe of which is a pit full of syringes....I vomited after witnessing this trap. Others include the venus fly trap mentioned above and a one way box, where you must insert your arms through knives to get an antidote.
8.5/10----definatly my favourite in the series.

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